Fairy Tale Prompt at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie – Atlantis

                    Dubai Atlantis Hotel

On distant sandy shores
she searches
for that so called mystical city
her Atlantis, the one she left
before it disappeared –
her beautiful home.
She had heard rumors
knew what the high priestess was planning
yet there would be time for her quest
to use the navigational skills
picked up as she watched her mortal father.
Before she was sent to the temple,
just once she wanted to be like men.
She wanted to test her sailing
and navigational skills
guided by the stars in their vast expanse
before they would be of no use to her
sail past the Pillars of Hercules
and visit a few foreign lands.
She had slipped out late at night
in a small stolen sailing vessel,
one she had been eyeing for months
and sailed away conquering the sea,
fulfilling a dream.
She was heading home
when tales of an earthquake
that shook her beloved atlantis
and covered it in waves
reached her.
She had accomplished her goal –
but to what end, now her beloved city lost to her.
So she wanders the sands of foreign lands
looking – searching for her beloved Atlantis
for some sign that someone
is coming back for her,
one of the last immortals.
Doomed to keep searching
Oh, alas that perfect city
her Atlantis still calls.

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