Rainy Season – haibun

Rainy Season – haibun

Carpe Diem #768 tsuyu (rainy season)

This has been an exceptionally rainy summer.  Wind and storm damage are great.  Even the sodden grown cannot hold stately trees.

The apple tree
during the rainy season
bows to the ground

I spend time looking down at the clouds captured in the new formed lake in my yard.

reflected clouds
captured in a puddle
dreams drown


In pools of water
clouds float calmly
over drown trees

Following the rains new growth is everywhere.

fields of green
dotted with Queen Anne’s lace
after the rains

mushrooms spring up in unexpected places.

after the rains
mushrooms spring up
all over the lawn


fairy cups
cover the garden soil
on a sodden day

I will be glad for sum sunshine and dry feet.


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