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Bytelle.  This poetic form was invented by Judd Labarda ofPoeformology.

The bytelle is based on the binary system in computing and programming.  In binary code, each symbol (letter, number, punctuation, character, etc.) is assigned a string of 8 bits that come in pairs of binary digits of either 1’s or 0’s.  The 8 bits (0’s and 1’s) become one byte.

For example – the letter “a” becomes “01100001” in binary code.

How to Write a Bytelle

  1. Choose a word. Preferably, a short word!  I chose “free”.
  2. Visitthis site. Type your word into the site and press “encode”.
    “Free” becomes “01100110011100100110010101100101”.
  3. Divide that string of numbers into sets of 8. “Free”, then,
    becomes “01100110 01110010 01100101 01100101.”  That is
    your poem’s structural pattern.   You now have the framework
    for a poem with 8-line stanzas.
  4. Look at the 0’s and 1’s. All lines labeled “1” are rhymed;
    all lines labeled “0” are unrhymed.
  5. That is a lot of rhyme! If you want, feel free to make your
    poem 1-2 stanzas long.  Go longer if you’re up to the challenge!


01101000 01101111 01110000 01100101

Hope fills the winter days
with hints of joy and mirth.
To long cold days it gives birth
to powerful dreams.
To waiting it adds worth
and gives credence to thought
Hope sustains us with sweet fruit
during the frozen periods


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