Chiyo-Ni “Autumn”

Chiyo-Ni “Autumn”

Carpe Diem Special #166 “Autumn” this harvest moon by Chiyo-Ni

meigetsu ya yuki fumiwakete ishi no oto 

this harvest moon –
as I part the snow by stepping on it
the sound of stones

© Chiyo-Ni


under harvest moon
the fox gleans fallen grain
a mouse in shadow


For me autumn always brings the finch to feast on spent coneflowers.

the chaffinch
picks seed from spent coneflowers
crowned in morning glory

I also think autumn also brings about feelings of loneliness

on a moonlit night
a shadow goes past the moon
a screech owl searching


in the garden
past the rusty trellis
a wrens nest


indian summer
I think of our brief past
slipping away


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