Road to Santiago – Seed

Road to Santiago – Seed

Carpe Diem #1120 Seed

As a child our gym teacher assigned each group of student’s type of dance but offered no direction.  We were to make up a dance and then preform it at paren’s night.   My group had modern dance and were to be seeds turning to oak trees.  We borrowed leotards to wear for our dance.  We thought we were wonderful, but afterwards we saw a tape that showed the regrettable truth.

cradled on the floor
as music rises so do dancers
bursting out of the ground
reaching for the sun, leaping
across stage barefoot and smiling

Still someday, maybe I’ll have the courage to dance with out fear, to be the seed that finally becomes a strong oak.

getting in touch
with the inner self
once again a child




7 thoughts on “Road to Santiago – Seed

  1. Beautiful haibun, tanka, haoku. Sweet story. Amazing when we can see ourselves this way, looking back….. being childlike today without fear…. and dance, go for it!

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