Road to Satiago -Penitence

Road to Satiago -Penitence

Carpe Diem #1127 penitence

Once when i was five I sat on the back porch for over an hour fascinated with a daddy-long-legged spider (harvestman)  I watched it crawl over my hand and arm until one of the legs came off.  Then I examined the leg and noticed that it still kicked for awhile.  Fascinated I pulled the legs off one by one, watching until it was still and then pulling off another.  I did not think of the cruelty  until just the body remained in my hand.

legless harvestman
each segment still jerking
in my dreams

Throughout my life this scene comes back to remind me of the need to be kind to all and careful of our actions or else we could easily and carelessly become murders of more than just spiders

once spoken
words cannot be recalled
despite penitence


6 thoughts on “Road to Satiago -Penitence

  1. We have to care for all the creatures, and of course when we were “young” we have done the same things. Respect and Love for the world we live in comes with the years, as we become older (and wiser) we can see the beauty and fragility of nature and we will care for it.

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