Sumi II

Sumi II

The Nanzen-ji temple is a famous site in Japan where you can see painting that were one part of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto – Kyoto Gosho.  This building was torn down and reconstructed on the temple grounds in waht is called the  in Hojo.  Numerous  beautiful paintings on sliding partitions  called fusuma were relocated here.This area is called the O’Hojo and h

Birds_and_flowers_of_the_four_seasons (1).jpg
Birds and flowers of the four seasons (紙本墨画花鳥図, shihon bokuga kachōzuouses 120  paintings from the Azuchi-Momoyama Period.

Another area is the Ko-hojo, it was is a remnant of an old building once located at Fushimi Castle. The “Toranoma”Tiger Room  has twenty paintings.  The room was named for the tiger painting by Gunko-zu, which decorated the doors.  Here there are 40 paintings which are presumed to be by Kano Tanyo, who founded the Kano school of painting.

ink wash blossoms
how I long to to rest
under cherry tree.


For more information about the Nanzen-ji temple and gardens begin here: temple




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