Kema -Yosa Buson

Kema -Yosa Buson

Carpe Diem #1160 Kema, birth-place of Yosa Buson

Source: Yosa Buson: A Japan-China relationship that works | The Japan Times

poems by Yosa Buson

Nashi no hana tsuki no fumiyomu onna ari

The blossoming pear—
a woman reads a letter
in the moonlight.


Before the white chrysanthemum
the scissors hesitate
a moment.

Translated by Robert Hass


kusa kasumi mizu ni koe naki higure kana

Grass, mist rising
not a voice over the water
The day has ended.



waterfall churning
the sounds of spring
become a melody


rainbow falls
the trees reflecting
autumn sunlight


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