Ueno Iga Province

Ueno Iga Province

Carpe Diem #1162 Ueno Iga Province, birthplace of Basho

By Utagawa Hiroshige (Japan, Edo, 1797-1858) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve chosen some poems by Basho I though would represent the beauty and the different moods of the Ueno Iga Province.  I think they show the beauty in simple things and not just the spectacular



a cuckoo cries
and through a thicket of bamboo
the late moon shines                           Matsuo Basho


A field of cotton–
as if the moon
had flowered.                                  Translated by Robert Hass   Matsuo Basho


A monk sips morning tea,
it’s quiet,
the chrysanthemum’s flowering.                   Translated by Robert Hass       Matsuo Basho


a strange flower
for birds and butterflies
the autumn sky                                 Matsuo Basho


All the day long-
yet not long enough for the skylark,
singing, singing.                               Matsuo Basho


Chilling autumn rains
curtain Mount Fuji, then make it
more beautiful to see                      Matsuo Basho


On the white poppy,
a butterfly’s torn wing
is a keepsake                                        Matsuo Basho


On this road
where nobody else travels
autumn nightfall                                 Matsuo Basho


The morning glories
bloom, securing the gate
in the old fence                                    Matsuo Basho


6499627733_7c8fd59c38_bDonuts head  creative commons

Meoto Iwa
sunrise after the wedding
promising dreams


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