Carpe Diem #1321 miracles


“The great advantage of writing about spirituality is that I know I’m bound to keep encountering people with some kind of gift. Some of those gifts are real, others are fraudulent, some of those people are trying to use me, others are merely testing me out. I have seen so many amazing things that I no longer have the slightest doubt that miracles can happen, that everything is possible, and that people are beginning to relearn the inner powers they long ago forgot.” […] (Source: The Zahir by Paulo Coelho)


everyday miracles
trembling chrysalis
new life emerges


10 thoughts on “Miracles

    1. Thanks. We hatch swallowtail and monarch butterflies. Love taking pictures when we release them. this one refused to take off and my daughter walked around for 20 minutes with it on her finger.


  1. Wow! That sounds so magical. I’ve tried ever so many times, in vain to catch a butterfly. I can’t imagine one sitting on my hand and not flying away. Thank you so much for sharing the experience.

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