Basho’s Blossoms

Basho’s Blossoms

Carpe Diem #1511 Basho’s Blossoms (Revise That Haiku)


samazama no koto omoidasu sakura kana

how many, many things
they call to mind
these cherry-blossoms!

© Basho          R. H. Blyth also translated Basho’s haiku into English


cherry blossom whispers
calling me, calling me
stirring the past

hana no kumo  kane wa ueno ka  asakusa ka

a cloud of cherry blossoms;
the temple bell,
is it Ueno, is it Asakusa?

© Basho (1644-1694, taken from R.H. Blyth’s “Haiku, Volume 2)

from Ueno to Asakusa
the temple bells ring
cherry blossom festival


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