Sea King and the Magic Jewels

Sea King and the Magic Jewels

Carpe Diem #1355 The Sea King and the Magic Jewels (Japanese fairytale)

a thousand times
repayment not enough
brother unappeased


tears mixed with sea
Lord of the sea salt rises
giving hope

in the sea of reeds
palace of fish scales
glimmers like gems


trust broken
jeweled princess returns home
leaving her child
as the sea path closes
her sister appears with a song


sea flowers
sway on the reef
gems of the ocean



Carpe Diem #1321 miracles


“The great advantage of writing about spirituality is that I know I’m bound to keep encountering people with some kind of gift. Some of those gifts are real, others are fraudulent, some of those people are trying to use me, others are merely testing me out. I have seen so many amazing things that I no longer have the slightest doubt that miracles can happen, that everything is possible, and that people are beginning to relearn the inner powers they long ago forgot.” […] (Source: The Zahir by Paulo Coelho)


everyday miracles
trembling chrysalis
new life emerges