Carpe Diem #1594 Cliffs … Renga With Jane Reichhold

Credit – National Park Service

giant waves
sea cliff rocks
summer sea secure

beach scattered with shells
painted by the sunrise

high tide
brings storm waves
to cliff dwellers

hunkering under the overhang
eating roasted pine nuts

after the storm
sandstone cliffs relax pebbles
into the beach

gathering adobe
repairing  structural damage

sea spray
the cliff laced
by crystal

gleaming in first light
shadows dance with glee

frozen cliffs
swept by lighthouse beams
soft in the dark

wind echoing sound of past
in long abandoned  dwellings

high tossed mists
warmed in morning sun
above winter cliffs

beauty not lost
with the passage of time      


© Jane Reichhold

Crystal Brook

Crystal Brook

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #54 Crossroads Crystal Brook (troiku)

crystal brook
reflects the willow trees
birds sing their song

sweet perfume
memories of a loved one
Jasmine blossom

© Yozakura

along the river bank
birdsong synchronized
with willow tree chorus

a long the river bank
discards clothes
flutter softly

birdsong synchronized
with the beat of your heart
next to mine

with willow tree chorus
the cicada amplifies
summer dreams