Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

>Haiku Shuukan #35 Cherry Blossoms



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Cherry blossom day
strolling over the bridge
at length we pause
pink petals drift around us
I pluck one from your hair




Grace -The C stands for Considering, what will serve

almost as one
courting butterflies on poppies –
summer afternoon                                   © Chèvrefeuille


walking together
among her garden relics
friendship cultured

the little pond stocked
the fountain finally flows
now that your leaving


working in the garden
stooped among the flowers
pulling weeds
pausing – my shoulder
a butterfly landing


crouched in the garden
my daughter makes friends
with a caterpillar


Attuning to self other

Attuning to self other

Grace – Attuning to Self and Others

Our host’s prompt

a young cherry tree
this spring will be the first
to bloom for Buddha        
© Chèvrefeuille

A from GRACE makes me think of all those who selflessly give to take care of the elderly and alzheimer patients with joy in their heart

a cut flower
bringing tears of joy –
forgotten moment


carefully pruned
even the old vine
yields fruit



brilliant sunbeams
abandoned field transformed
– a chapel



Carpe Diem's Haiku Shuukan 

Joan Halifax. She is one of the greatest female Buddhist teachers of our time and she “gave birth” to “Grace, enlarge your capacity of compassion”. Grace is an acronym and it means the following:

G Gathering attention
R Recalling intention
A Attuning to self other
C Considering
E Engaging


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G Gathering Attention


R Recalling Attention


A  Attuning to Self Other


C -Considering