Day 26 Summer Retreat Unconditional Love

Day 26 Summer Retreat Unconditional Love

Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2017 (unconditional love


roses bow
kissing the memorial bench
in the garden



Herman van Rompuy’s 2nd “inaugurate spring”

Herman van Rompuy’s 2nd “inaugurate spring”


Carpe Diem Special (3rd guest) Herman van Rompuy’s 2nd “inaugurate spring”

late evening
firefly’s signaling flash
fading glow in grass


lighting bugs’ flashes
reduced to subtle glow
from dewy grass


in the flashlights glow
glistening slime hangs from oak
slugs twirl wildly





Special 210 -Joyce Lorenson

Special 210 -Joyce Lorenson

Carpe Diem CD-special #210 Joyce Lorenson’s 2nd “butterfly wings”

Mitchell’s Satyr (Neonympha mitchellii) photographed in Van Buren County, Michigan,


satyrs play
among woodland shadows
summer afternoon


Hawaiian monk seal with green turtle at French Frigate Shoals (George Balazs, NOAA Fisheries


near the coral
green sea turtle grazes
on tips of seagrass


green sea turtle
basks in the sun
along side a seal

Shadorma – Stardust

Shadorma – Stardust

Carpe Diem Special #208 Sara McNulty’s 4th “fantasy” shadorma


late at night
the moonlight calls me
secret tales
clinging tight to a moonbeam
I ride the night wind

star kissed dreams
dance on my shoulders
but briefly
through the land a I speed by
hair blowing freely

all to soon
the dawn greets me
tucked away
in gossamer strands of hope
the world crowding in