The Star Lovers

The Star Lovers

Carpe Diem #1353 The Star Lovers (A Japanese Fairytale)

This haiku i wrote for the Star Festival 3 years ago.

ocean’s apart we gaze
the same stars
in our eyes

a new Haiku:

remnant of the sky
woven with tears
star lovers


fragile bridge
star crossed lovers
wait to span



Empty Calabash

Empty Calabash

 Carpe Diem Extra January 23rd 2018 — Celestine Nudanu (special feature)

Celestine’s Site – Reading Pleasure

empty calabash
reflecting the fading sun
a beggar sits in gloom                     © Celestine

empty calabash
seed pods echoing
women’s fingers

reflecting the fading sun
the flicker of flames dance
spirits awaken

a beggar sits in the gloom
an offering of porridge appeases
his feeble spirit