Thousand Candles

Thousand Candles

Carpe Diem #1253 Thousand Candles


a single light
in honor of your birth
and death



one light in the dark
making a path to the next



Weekend Meditation # 1

Weekend Meditation # 1

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge weekend-meditation #1 raindrops

This challenge is for square Tan Renga.

Dew drops in denim © Dolores Fegan

three raindrops
a greeting card from heaven…
midsummer heat                     © Issa

stretching out my hand
I catch a drop on my finger tip                                                    © Dolores

touching it to my eye
I remember your smile                                                                 © Dolores






flying away
following the rainbow
into heaven                                                                                     © Chèvrefeuille

our eyes fixed on shrinking dot
the release of an injured bird                                                     © Dolores

colors fade too soon
but our hearts are filled with hope                                            © Dolores