Summer Moon

Summer Moon

Carpe Diem Crossroads #2 the summer moon

a thousand gallons
shower from the eaves…
cherry blossoms                       © Issa

it touches the line
of my fishing pole –
this summer moon                 © Chiyo-Ni


my fishing line
dances in the moonlight
stirring cherry blossoms



Carpe Diem #1159 Matto, birthplace of Chiyo-Ni

Sample poems by Chiyo-Ni

my fishing line —
the summer moon.

From the mind
of a single, long vine
one hundred opening lives.

Again the women
come to the fields
with unkempt hair

Public Domain – Utagawa Kuniyoshi

drinking gourd  points
to where Chiyo-Ni’s bucket
once stood

Jan Zaremba

morning glories
entangle the birdbath
alas poor robin

again just the moon
stays to keep me company
long sleepless night