Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #71 Crossroads Hineri … cherry blossom

standing naked
in awe of the first cherry blossom
dancing in the garden

on winter’s edge
the first Cherry blossom blooms
rain falls softly

© Chèvrefeuille


Wood Natural Sky Cloud Twigs Landscape Park

rain dances gently
along the naked branches
the first Cherry blossoms

rain dances gently
garden drawing a deep drink
staring spring bulbs

along the naked branches
water droplets cling radiant
reflecting spring buds

the first Cherry blossoms
parade along winter’s edge
ladies blushing


Crystal Brook

Crystal Brook

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #54 Crossroads Crystal Brook (troiku)

crystal brook
reflects the willow trees
birds sing their song

sweet perfume
memories of a loved one
Jasmine blossom

© Yozakura

along the river bank
birdsong synchronized
with willow tree chorus

a long the river bank
discards clothes
flutter softly

birdsong synchronized
with the beat of your heart
next to mine

with willow tree chorus
the cicada amplifies
summer dreams

Clouds and Waves

Clouds and Waves

Clouds And Waves:
Mother, the folk who live up in the clouds call out to me-
“We play from the time we wake till the day ends.
We play with the golden dawn, we play with the silver moon.”
I ask, “But how am I to get up to you ?”
They answer, “Come to the edge of the earth, lift up your
hands to the sky, and you will be taken up into the clouds.”
“My mother is waiting for me at home, “I say, “How can I leave
her and come?”
Then they smile and float away.
But I know a nicer game than that, mother.
I shall be the cloud and you the moon.
I shall cover you with both my hands, and our house-top will
be the blue sky.
The folk who live in the waves call out to me-
“We sing from morning till night; on and on we travel and know
not where we pass.”
I ask, “But how am I to join you?”
They tell me, “Come to the edge of the shore and stand with
your eyes tight shut, and you will be carried out upon the waves.”
I say, “My mother always wants me at home in the everything-
how can I leave her and go?”
They smile, dance and pass by.
But I know a better game than that.
I will be the waves and you will be a strange shore.
I shall roll on and on and on, and break upon your lap with
And no one in the world will know where we both are.

©️ Rabindranath Tagore

clouds and waves
carry my dreams away
tugging my anchor