for heeding haiku with HA: friendship

What I’ve learned is that friendships don’t have to last long, to leave a lifetime of impression.

sharing laughter
when everything’s going wrong
tears turn to joy


The attraction subtle,
like cat hair on fresh laundry.
Drawn together;
with kindred spirits.
Sharing briefly
a passion for poetry.
a lifetime impression.


A Gift – Renga Party

A Gift – Renga Party

In honor of HA’s birthday – he had a renga session

her small hands
touching the temple bell
an imprint of innocence                                    anmol(aka HA)

an imprint of innocence
beautifully trimmings gift wrapped
what lies underneath                                        Cressida

behind the sweet face
of a buddha lies the heart
of a scorpion                                                    Cressida

her small hands
touching the temple bell
an imprint of innocence                                    ladyleemanila

an imprint of innocence
beautifully trimmings gift wrapped
what lies underneath                                        ladyleemanila

behind the sweet face
of a buddha lies the heart
of a scorpion                                                     ladyleemanila

With loved ones around
solitude is banished.
She longs for quiet.                                           Vivinfrances

Silence palls
the loved ones are missed –
she longs for company                                     Vivinfrances

she longs for company
pink carnations in a vase
love through mail                                              threenotes

she longs for company
summer breeze sustains
finds connection within                                     Vagrant Rhonda

finds connection within
the song of birds that
fill the air with joyfulness                                  Candy

finds connection within
Ha our birthday boy does
he writes great haiku                                         Ralli

he writes great haiku –
provides prompts for me and you
let us share this gift                                           julespaige

let us share this gift
of words well worth amending
the tone and spirit                                             julespaige

The tone and spirit
lifts us to a higher plain
singing joy to our souls                                     Candy

sing joy to our souls
oh, restless tumbling breeze
make these candles dance                               whimsygizmo

make these candles dance
draw on deep-filled silence –
gift yourself away                                              eleni

each new candle
celebrates your own new year
a gift of life                                                        Bastet

a gift of life
our atoms pulse together
in spring-kissed breeze                                    barbcarary

in spring-kissed breeze
air ripe with fragrant haiku
celebrate again                                                 Dolores

A Gift

A Gift

Heeding Haiku With HA: A Gift

her small hands
touching the temple bell –
                                          an imprint of innocence                 
© Anmol (HA)

upon the great steps
she leaves her offering

a lowly sparrow
grateful for a treat
sings a sweet tune

resonating among the trees
making the leaves quiver

one delicate flower
drifts to the ground
landing at her feet

gently clutching the flower
she bows with a slight smile



B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – Triolet

What is a Triolet? 

*  There are two four-line stanzas;
*  Line length and meter are the poet’s choice;
*  Lines 1, 4, and 7 are the same;
*  The rhyming scheme is abaa / abab.

Edmund Dulac. Abysm of Time, n.d. WikiArt.
Down by the seaside I wander
Profuse tears still flowing.
Our parting I still ponder
Down by the seaside I wander.
I stare into the wide blue yonder
My heartache ever growing.
Down by the seaside I wander
our brief affair now showing.


3/5/3/3/7/5 Shadorma

ocean waves
crash upon the beach
my tears fall
at my feet
water swirls, makes me stumble
my sorrow drowning


Heeding Haiku Noise Prompt 

dogs bark abruptly
trucks backup with high pitched beep
cars rumble past
I stretch lazily in bed
drift back to sleep as noise fades


jingling tunes
of every one’s cell phones
even in church
loud personal conversations
I wish I couldn’t overhear

I chose to write tanka about more manmade noises today but if you like nature here’s a link to haiku posts with natures sounds:  onomatopeia or this one on the wren.

Be Inspired # 3 Claude Debussy

Be Inspired # 3 Claude Debussy

Heeding Haiku With HA: Be Inspired # 3
Click the above link to hear the music and read about the prompt


Inspiration – Claude Debussy Claire de Lune

On a summer’s eve
we lie under the trees
listening to birds chirp
and piano notes gently spill
from the neighbor’s window
wrapping us in anticipation
as fireflies begin to dance.

Inspiration – Claude Debussy Reverie

in the fields
among dancing butterflies
I float

Untold Stories

Untold Stories

Heeding Haiku With HA: Untold Stories

My faces are those of hospice patients and family member with Alzheimer’s

your long hair now white
I sit holding your hand
your words nonsense
yet your smile speaks volumes
a window to your soul


your eyes stare
at things unseen by others
your body hollow
but in your wife’s loving eyes
a lifetime of joys


we sit and laugh
you tell me you love me
then ask my name