Weekend Meditation # 1

Weekend Meditation # 1

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge weekend-meditation #1 raindrops

This challenge is for square Tan Renga.

Dew drops in denim © Dolores Fegan

three raindrops
a greeting card from heaven…
midsummer heat                     © Issa

stretching out my hand
I catch a drop on my finger tip                                                    © Dolores

touching it to my eye
I remember your smile                                                                 © Dolores






flying away
following the rainbow
into heaven                                                                                     © Chèvrefeuille

our eyes fixed on shrinking dot
the release of an injured bird                                                     © Dolores

colors fade too soon
but our hearts are filled with hope                                            © Dolores

Springtime (Kikaku)

Springtime (Kikaku)

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month 2017 #14 Springtime (Kikaku)

Yakuoin.jpgDick Thomas Johnson

Springtime in Edo,
Not a day passes without
A temple bell sold.               

                                                             © Kikaku

At the gates of  Yakuoin
A pilgrim washes his hands                    

                                                             © Dolores    

Tan Renga Challenges

Tan Renga Challenges

two sets of footprints
in freshly fallen snow
one pair from Kyoto                    

© Hamish Managua Gunn

the other from Osaka
did their owner’s pause to greet?

© Dolores


Ishizuchi mo nankin no hana mo ooi nari

The flower of a pumpkin
as well as Mt. Ishizuchi
is great in scale

© Tomiyasu Fusei (1885 – 1979)

the moonflower
swallows the harvest moon

© Dolores



The “hokku” of today is by me, so it is a tanka., not a Tan Renga


autumn evening
like whispered prayers
leaves float away
in the silence left behind
a hint of fresh hope

© Dolores

Morning Breeze

Morning Breeze

Carpe Diem Universal Jane #16 Morning Breeze

morning breeze
coming in the window
surf sounds                           © Jane Reinhold

dolphin’s noisy chatter
as a pod passes by               
© Dolores


without lights
the brightness of a blue sky
full of stars                                                        © Jane Reinhold

becomes a wonder to behold
a playground of hopes and dreams             
© Dolores


balanced at dawn
a full moon slides into the sea without ripples       © Jane Reinhold

as the sun leaps from the depths
creating a pool of red                                                    
© Dolores


stars bend down
into the wind of whitecaps
morning light                                              © Jane Reinhold

along the beach a ghost crab
scavenges for its breakfast                       © Dolores