Lolly’s “another anchor thread”

Lolly’s “another anchor thread”

Carpe Diem Special #164 Lolly’s 6th “another anchor thread”

sifting through
the personal effects
of a spider’s web
an autumn wind loosens
another anchor thread

© Laura Williams (a.k.a. Lolly)

In life a sudden death can leave one drowning, searching for a lifesaver.  Friendship is a bond that helps keep us a float.

an anchor tossed
admits the raging sea
losing it’s bearings
beyond the horizon
hope for smoother sailing

Loosing family or friends to a long grueling  illness is like the fabric of our life just slowly unravels, leaving us threadbare, and worn.  Love and kindness and the bonds of friendship help us slowly to become ourselves again.

a loose thread
snagged, slowly unravels
a hole remaining
careful stitches bind
fragments together


plucking the thread
of a spiders web
I set a moth free


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