Carpe Diem Exploring The Beauty Of Haiku #1827 Paradox

And here is an example written by Basho (1644-1694) in which he uses paradox:

black forest
whatever you may say
a morning of snow© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

Photo by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels

early morning
quiet walk in the forest
hedged in birdsong

Kanjizai-ji Temple

Kanjizai-ji Temple

Carpe Diem #1822 Kanjizai-ji (temple 40)

The deity of the Kanjizai-ji temple temple is called Benzaiten. She is one of the seven gods of fortume. She is a deity of treasure and arts. She is said to prevent natural disasters and bring rich harvest.

harvest prayers
fortune of the gods

In Japanese kaeru means “frog” but can also mean “change.” Thus, the kaeru frogs can change (kaeru) bad luck to good, poor to wealthy, sick to healthy, etc.  This stone statue is near the Kanjizai-ji temple.

Credit: Leigh

waiting change
outside the kanjizai-ji temple
a golden frog

Vulture’s Peek

Vulture’s Peek

Carpe Diem #1821 Ryozenji (the first temple)

Vulture’s Peek is said to be the second holiest place in Buddhism.  The budda use to sit below the mountain peek at the entrance of a cavern in retreat and teaching and in meditation. The peek  is. also inhabited by many vultures.  At one time a small temple stood there.



above the Buddha’s head
circling vultures rise slowly
mountain peek still

prayers lifts on the wind
spreading outward to heaven

Renga with Jane – Moonlight Moving

Renga with Jane – Moonlight Moving

Carpe Diem #1817 Renga With … Jane Reichhold … Moonlight Moving

moonlight moving
with the gate as the servant girl
takes an evening

escaping reality
for an hours leave

morning fog
dreams not buried
deep enough

fantasies of passion
Add color to pale cheeks

Saturday rain
desire by a warm stove
for an affair

she giggles shyly
at the new delivery boy

spring sunshine
the strangeness of his perfectly
normal thumbnail

brief moments affection
spanning the years

delicate forms
for a spirit

celebrating another
death day anniversary

kids laughing
in the neighbor’s house
the childless couple

smiling at lilting breeze
rocking and holding hands