Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #19 Out Of The Box #2 Tau-ku

Tau-ku  (syllable count 6, 2, 8)

Long winter shadows dancing
gangly limbs embody grace


raindrops pound steadily
echoes coursing through my Body





The Tea Kettle

The Tea Kettle


steaming teacup
cradled in cold hands
bestowing warmth


tea party
kettle whistles on the stove
steeped in gossip



badger teakettle
creates a stir
banished from Morinji,
life spent be friending  tinker
returned to temple in esteem

Sea King and the Magic Jewels

Sea King and the Magic Jewels

Carpe Diem #1355 The Sea King and the Magic Jewels (Japanese fairytale)

a thousand times
repayment not enough
brother unappeased


tears mixed with sea
Lord of the sea salt rises
giving hope

in the sea of reeds
palace of fish scales
glimmers like gems


trust broken
jeweled princess returns home
leaving her child
as the sea path closes
her sister appears with a song


sea flowers
sway on the reef
gems of the ocean